One Child One Family HHCSA

"Families, not institutions.", registered Not-for-Profit company (K2017489514) / PBO(930073885), working in South Africa to support Gauteng Department of Social Development deinstitutionalise the child protection system.

One Child One Family HHCSA

Abandoned at birth, now leaping through developmental milestones in a safe and loving family.

Tshepiso was abandoned at birth by his mother at a governmental public hospital in April 2022. The mother expressed to the nurses that she did not want the child due to the circumstances surrounding the conception – she had been a victim of rape.  The nurses, upon recognising the mother’s challenging circumstances, called in a social worker to provide counseling and support. However, upon the arrival of the social worker to her room, the mother had disappeared. All her belongings were gone, and she was nowhere to be found. To locate her, the social worker visited the address the mother had left, which was in an informal settlement. However, this address turned out to be incorrect, and no one in that area had any knowledge of her or her current location. This added to the uncertainty and raised questions about the mother’s well-being and her ability to provide for her child. The social worker then decided to place the child at a Child and Youth Care Centre. This decision was likely made in the best interest of the child’s welfare, given the uncertainty surrounding the mother’s situation and her sudden disappearance. 

The Intervention Process  

Upon receiving the case from the Child and Youth Care Centre, foster parents Mr. and Mrs. Moloi were swiftly identified. They underwent comprehensive training provided by OCOF HHCSA and became members of the Temporary Safety Carers (TSC). The process included thorough home visits, assessments, and the completion of statutory requirement Form 30, ensuring the couple’s suitability to foster a child. Concurrently, the case manager initiated an extensive search for Tshepiso’s biological mother or any potential extended family members. Efforts to locate Tshepiso’s biological family proved unsuccessful over three months. 

With no family members identified, the bonding process between Tshepiso and the Moloi family commenced, lasting an additional three months. During this period, the Moloi’s visited Tshepiso at the centre approximately three times a month. Their connection blossomed from the very beginning, and by the close of the year, they had forged an unbreakable bond. Consequently, the Moloi family formed a strong bond with Tshepiso through regular visits. Eventually, Tshepiso was officially placed in their care in January 2023, bringing joy and permanency to their lives, particularly meaningful due to their previous struggles with conception. In their eyes, Tshepiso is more than just a foster child; he is their “angel” and has brought light and happiness into their lives.”   

A Loving and Stable Home 

Six months into his new home, Tshepiso has blossomed and is thriving. At 15 months old, he is achieving his developmental milestones with remarkable progress, transforming into a spirited and inquisitive toddler. The nurturing environment provided by the Moloi family, filled with love, care, and abundant stimulation, has facilitated his healthy growth, including his cognitive development, thanks to a well-balanced diet.  

Tshepiso’s presence has infused the Moloi household with immeasurable joy. His budding vocabulary attempts at new movements, and infectious enthusiasm for play have turned their lives upside down in the most beautiful way. For the Moloi’s, who have longed to have their own child for years without success, Tshepiso is an angel who has brought boundless light and happiness into their lives. Their journey together is a testament to the transformative power of love and the incredible impact a loving family can have on a child’s life.  

Why Placement Was Necessary 

Based on the information gathered by the nurses at the hospital when the mother was admitted, a troubling picture emerges regarding her circumstances and her ability to care for the child. It is evident that the mother faced significant challenges. The mother did not have suitable living conditions, this raises concerns about the child’s safety and well-being in her care. Her living situation was described as unstable, which further highlights the unsuitability of her environment for raising a child. She further expressed a clear lack of desire to parent the child. Her unwillingness to care for the child raises concerns about her ability to provide emotional and physical support.  

The mother has no support from extended family members, indicating a lack of a reliable support network. This isolation can have detrimental effects on her ability to care for the child. She also mentioned that she is no longer with the child’s father due to a traumatic incident of rape. This traumatic experience may have further complicated her ability to provide a stable and nurturing environment. Lastly, her unemployment and lack of stable income indicate financial instability, which can be a significant barrier to providing for the child’s needs. Considering these factors, it becomes evident that the child’s safety and well-being were at risk in the mother’s care. The decision to place the child with the Moloi family appears to have been the most appropriate course of action for ensuring the child’s welfare and future development. 

Tshepiso’s Remarkable Progress 

Tshepiso’s growth over the past 6 months in the care of the Moloi family is truly remarkable. At this toddler stage, he is not only experiencing the full benefits of a nurturing home but also actively participating in his own development.  The Moloi family’s financial stability, technological proficiency, and their safe and child-friendly home environment have played pivotal roles in Tshepiso’s positive development. Their commitment to family-centered childcare is nothing short of remarkable, creating a nurturing space where Tshepiso can flourish. 

Through their dedication, the Moloi family is providing Tshepiso with the essential element of stability that is crucial for healthy development. The impact of their care is evident in the positive changes that have occurred in Tshepiso’s life over this relatively short period. It is a testament to the transformative power of a loving and stable family environment, and Tshepiso’s journey is a heartwarming example of the profound influence a nurturing home can have on a child’s life.